In the midst of change...

So riddle me this: If change is always happening, why do I feel so out-of-whack when things change?

All of the little gremlins in my head are more than happy to give me suggestions and point me down new paths (dead-ends) to explore. WHY is a question they love to sink their teeth into.

But, when (if) I remember to ask a different question, the question of HOW, they get pretty worked up. You see, WHY doesn't really have an answer and so a lot of time gets spent spinning my wheels chasing down an answer.

But when I ask HOW? My gremlins don't like that question. HOW has an answer. At least one.

So instead of asking, "Why do I feel so out-of-whack?" what happens when I ask, "How can I move back toward feeling centered when everything is out-of-whack?" Those answers come pretty quickly.

Close my eyes and take three deep breaths. Pick up my needlework and stitch for fifteen minutes. Go for a short walk or at least stick my head out the door for some fresh air. Complete one small, brainless task (think changing the toilet paper roll). Put on some music and move.

Life has been pushing a bunch of my buttons lately and I've felt a bit overwhelmed. I think that having this new question to ask myself - HOW can I care for myself in the midst? - will be a far more self-centering question.